Prayer Warrior – Dance!

Call to the Prayer Warriors: 02-07-13

The dance of the eternal

John 3:29-30 “He who has the bride is the bridegroom; but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. So this joy of mine has been made full (come to completion). He must increase, but I must decrease.”

When we have the privilege of helping others to know the Bridegroom, Jesus, we are in a blessed place indeed. I see two things to share for prayer today:

Skate021) When we have the privilege of helping others to know God, it is exciting watching them grow, and fulfilling, having a sense of the eternal purpose of God. Then suddenly they reach a point where they connect with the Bridegroom and they begin to pull away from us, no longer needing us. That is exactly what we want, but it can be a shock to our system, as we become attached to them, addicted to the Spirit’s flow in provided for our ministry and sometimes a little full of ourselves. When we find ourselves in such a season of life, this attitude of John is vital to letting go one who has mature wings for flight, “Christ must increase,” surrendering the work to Him; and preparing for a new work of God, who always has more for us to do, “I must decrease” humbling self to let go and prepare for new orders.

2) Isn’t it awesome that though all who enter into this relationship with Him are His Bride, Our Father-God and Savior-King are so great and awesome that He does not have to split Himself between us, like we too often feel we do in our many rolls and relationships. When I meet with my Bridegroom, I get all that He is, as I am open to and equipped by Him to receive. At that same instant, as you meet with the Bridegroom, you too get all that He is, no matter how many of “you” there are.

I once shared with a group that there are times when God is so near to me that we dance together. One of the women in the group, with obvious shock and jealousy on her face, said, “He dances with me! (Not you-understood).” Though we may be jealous for God when we realize others experience Him in ways we long for but have not achieved, we do not have to be jealous over God when others experience Him as we do. There is enough of Him to go around. That is AWESOME to me! This flow of the Spirit of God at work in and through His Beloved Bride is why I love to watch Ice skating. If we can flow across the Ice with our Partner-King and move at His

The Bridegroom will not fail you. Trust and Believe!

The Bridegroom will not fail you. Trust and Believe!

unction, we will accomplish the gold.

Father-God, Savior Jesus, You are immeasurable and are not bound by dimension, space, or time. You are completely mine, while being wholly united with each person of Your Body, Your Bride. You long for this union with all who call upon Your name in truth. Thank You that though You use each of us to help others grow, there comes that moment, in an instant, when full union is accomplished and You walk off arm in arm with them, to instruct their lives, no longer needing our service in that area. You increase for them as we decrease. As You go with them so You remain with us, and we go on to a new dance arm in arm. It is the dance of life with You. It is AWESOME, for You are beyond measure and unbound. Thank You, Lord God. Make us faithful to draw near to You and be ready for Your use as needed. In Jesus, amen.

Awesome God – Michael W. Smith:

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